Autism Smart Pup
for Ned.

We're raising funds to get an autism assistance dog for our boy, Ned.
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Ned's Story

When Ned was 3, he was diagnosed with ASD.

He is completely non-verbal and relies on sign language, grunts, groans, picture cards and anything else he can find to let us know what he's thinking.

It wasn't always like this. For the first few years, we were really stuck trying to get the right help and care. He is a ray of sunshine. He loves music and dancing; he'll dance in the middle of the road if he's in the mood!

But he also has some pretty savage meltdowns, thrashing and throwing himself around from sheer frustration and anguish. He self-harms. We've seen him bite his own hands, and the marks it leaves on his skin.

This happens a lot less lately, as we've figured out how to communicate with him, and given him ways to communicate with us.

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Labrador pups are trained for a lifetime with their new companion Ned in a hammock

A smart pup for Ned

After a long wait, Ned has finally been accepted into the Smart Pups Assistance Dogs program. Through this program, Ned will be paired with a specially trained service dog - a puppy who will grow with him and be his companion for life.

It's such wonderful news, and we're honoured to have been chosen. But of course, this is just the start of a very long journey.

First, we must raise $20,000 to cover the costs of raising and training a Smart Pup. Then only after 12-18 months of intense training will the puppy be ready to help a child with autism. The sooner we can raise the funds, the sooner our boy can get help.

We're very excited. Ned will have a best buddy, a calming influence who can guide him through life. In the last few months alone, school and counselling has helped him improve in leaps and bounds. These dogs are real heroes. With a Smart Pup, we think Ned will be on his way to living a more normal life.